3 Key Ingredients to Selling Your Warner Robins Home

Three key ingredients to selling your Warner Robins Home


Anyone can list real estate or property but it takes special skill to actually sell it. Knowing what buyers want in the current marketplace for the Warner Robins real estate area takes the knowledge and seasoned experience of a dedicated listing agent. The reason a home won’t sell is not necessarily the layout or location but three simple things that any seller can do to make sure their home is shown and offers are presented.

Price it correctly from the beginning

While this may seem obvious, so many sellers feel that they can start high and lower the price if they don’t get the activity or response they want. The problem with this is, the longer the house sits on the market the less appeal buyers will have towards it. Many sellers end up chasing the market down far lower than they were ever willing to go in the first place. By pricing a home correctly the first time, just lower then comparables and similar homes currently on the market or have recently sold, you will get buyers through the door, more eyes looking at the property, and more potential offers on the table.

Selling Your Warner Robins HomeStage it as if it were a model home

Many sellers, especially those that have never sold a home before, think they can simply clean up the house and throw some fresh flowers on the table and be done. The problem with this is many buyers are seeing model homes and showcase homes that are professionally staged and designed. If you want buyers to remember your home as one that stands out you must stage and prepare your home with the same standards as model homes. How do you do this? Tour open houses, visit model homes and showrooms, browse staging magazines and television shows. All of these can help stage and layout your home for potential buyers. Remember, buyers don’t want to see you in the house; they want to see themselves. Regardless of how a buyer would set up the home, they want to envision a perfect move-in ready living space.

Don’t wait for the inspection to make repairs

Sellers assume that they can simply wait for the inspection report and make any repairs needed at that time. Some sellers feel that if nobody asks for it they don’t need to do it. But rather than be reactionary it’s better to be proactive when it comes to selling your home. All sellers must disclose everything they know about property on a Sellers disclosure form but it’s best to perform any repairs or updates before you fill out this disclosure. Have a trusted friend or ask your Warner Robins Realtor® to go through the home and give you an honest opinion and suggestions on repairs, updates, potential renovations, and tips that will make your home more attractive to buyers. If you want to go the extra mile, have a pre-inspection completed on the home and this will give you a great checklist of anything that needs to happen that may be hazardous or a safety issue for future homeowners.
These are three simple keys to selling your Warner Robins home but so many sellers gloss over these and choose to sit on the market much longer than necessary. Let me know how I can help get your home shown and sold quickly and profitably. (478) 960-8055.
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